Today, tissue macro-dissection for molecular testing is a painstaking, manual process. Pathologists pen-mark Regions of Interest (RoI) on Hematoxylin & Eosin stained slides. Laboratory technicians then map these RoIs visually to dissection slides, manually scrape the tissue and place it in small containers. This is a delicate and difficult to control process with a risk of variability and cross-contamination.

Around the world, skilled laboratory technicians are scarce, posing scalability constraints for pathology labs. There is a clear need for automation of this process to improve reliability and provide scalability for an increasing global demand for molecular diagnostic tests in oncology.

Xyall meets this need with its Tissector High Throughput solution. The Tissector High Throughput Solution is an industrial system suited for high volume molecular diagnostic laboratories. The system is designed for continuous operation and fully integrated with digital pathology solutions and the laboratory workflow (LIMS).

The system can hold 1,800 slides, dissect a minimum of 80 dissection slides per hour with an accuracy of < 0.1 mm and can work for 3 hours uninterrupted. This product will be launched in July 2021. This integrated solution is based on state of the art technology in  image registration, robotics and workflow optimization.

Support your staff with a digital and automated solution

The Tissector High Throughput solution is designed for three hours unattended operation and ease of use. The system combines high throughput with the highest accuracy.  


Seamlessly integrated with your IT systems

The Tissector High Throughput solution is fully embedded in the molecular pathology workflow. The solution can be seamlessly integrated with your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and Pathology Image Management System.


Easy to maintain

Xyall is a reliable partner for service and maintenance, supporting you in every step on the way.