Meaningful career. Challenge cancer with High-Tech.

Xyall is a young start-up company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and selling medical IVD equipment in molecular pathology.

Our first product, the Tissector High Throughput was launched in 2021, the second product, the Tissector Table Top will be launched in 2023. These are high-tech medical devices that come with consumables, which need to be delivered in large quantities worldwide.

The Xyall solution provides the missing link in molecular oncology diagnostics and contributes to tailoring the treatment of cancer patients to the biology of the cancer. Thanks to scientific research and medical innovations such as the Xyall solutions, more people are surviving cancer.

You heart starts beating faster when you can contribute to the improvement in healthcare.

You are the expert and know exactly what to do to contribute to the greater goal - self starter

You can handle a lot of freedom and responsibility in your daily work. You like short lines of communication.

Winning is something you do together. Be part of an epic team.

You enjoy being part of a growing organization

Our benefits. What we owe you.

  • Intensive growth and development through young organization and new growth market
  • Short communication lines and great influence on the process
  • On the job coaching by experienced and successful entrepreneurs & colleagues
  • Competitive salaries and investment options
  • A lot of freedom for setting things up right from the start and to select the right partners yourself
  • A passionate team that will work together to successfully market Xyall's solutions.
  • Paid time off, 25-days per year
  • Pension plan
  • Work from home options