From analog to digital

  • All dissection slides are digitized
  • ROI annotation transfer algorithm
  • Robotized dissection 

From manual to automated

  • Automatic annotation transfer
  • Automatic dissection 
    • Slides in - Sample tubes out

From black box to documented

  • QC report including pre- and post-dissection images  
  • Fully integrated with LIMS and IMS 

Tissector workflow

Slide loading

All barcoded slides are placed on a carrier that is inserted in the instrument.

Slide scanning

All dissection slides are digitized and images are sent to the Annotation Suite.

Region of Interest annotation

All images are made available per case to the pathologist in the Annotation Suite, for ROI selection and marking, supported by easy to use annotation tools.

Annotation transfer

The marked ROIs are automatically transferred to the dissection slide images by using the latest image registration technologies. The result can be reviewed by the pathologist and adapted if necessary.

Tissue dissection

The Tissector instrument scrapes the tissue automatically from the dissection slides with high precision using a consumable scraping head. For each case a new scraping head is picked up automatically.

Process output

After dissection the collected tissue is transferred automatically into designated sample tubes ready for the  molecular work up. No liquids are used in the process.

Quality Control

Images are taken before and after scraping to check and document the accuracy of the dissection. A QC report is generated including images and uploaded to the LIMS.

Tissector Solution Family