According to the World Health Organization, the global incidence of cancer cases is expected to grow to 29.5 million in 2040. We need to get better and smarter at beating cancer. Molecular diagnostics will play an increasingly important role in this struggle. These tests deliver key clinical information to treat cancer types according to each individual's biology. But to arrive at optimal test results, we need more accuracy in the molecular diagnostic process. Solutions that facilitate higher precision, speed and sensitivity are key.

Embrace the digital advantage helps to improve patient care and overcome operational challenges in pathology laboratories.

How you and your patients will benefit

Higher accuracy

While currently most pathologists detect and mark Regions of Interest manually using a pen, Xyall facilitates digital annotation with much higher precision. An exactness of up to 50 microns can be achieved.

Highly scalable

Laboratory technicians are a scarce resource, but the need for molecular diagnostic tests is steadily on the rise. Tackle this resource constraint with an automated system that helps you scale with demand, processing between 5 and 50 cases per hour.

Reduce operational cost

Reduce operational costs significantly by digitizing highly manual and painstaking tasks. 


99,9% free of (cross-) contamination

Xyall’s solution automatically maps samples and uses disposable knives for tissue scraping, reducing the risk of cross contamination to .01%.

Ensure traceability

Our automated solution enables you to trace where each tissue sample is taken from and closely monitor workflow steps for each case.